Bob has been CEO of PC Management since its’ founding in 1991. This company has provided management services and served as an investment vehicle for numerous start-up operating companies, focused mainly in the wireless telecommunications industry. Since the sale of the last major operating company in November 2013, Bob has stepped down from running day-to-day operations and serves on the Board as well as provides advisory services to several companies.

As founder and CEO of PC Management, Bob has been a serial entrepreneur starting 14 independent companies. Most of these companies were FCC licensed (wireless) operating telecom companies and were ground floor start-ups. With the support of a highly experienced team at PC Management, each company was grown from inception through sale to a national telecom company, usually with a gestation period of 4-6 years. Several of these companies sold for over $50 million.

Prior to founding PC Management, Bob was VP Marketing and Operations from 1983 to 1990 at Nynex Mobile, one of the regional “Bell operating companies”. Nynex built and launched cellular telecom services throughout the northeast, including New York and Boston.

Prior to joining Nynex, Bob was a Director for wireless services at AT&T from 1980-1983 and was recruited to Nynex upon divestiture of the regional telco companies from AT&T.

Bob received a BS in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College and a MS in Industrial Engineering/Business from New York University.