Dr. Richard Lewis is a part-time consultant with GHD. He was the largest individual shareholder in HSA Engineers & Scientist serving on the Board of Directors and Executive Management Team, until he and his partners recently sold HSA to GHD/CRA. He has been associated with HSA, now GHD, since 1996. He has remediated to closure numerous sites contaminated with solvents, metals, pesticides, biological agents, and nutrients, using traditional, innovative, and risk-based strategies. He has also conducted research in monitoring and reducing nutrient loading and pathogen loading in surface water bodies. Dr. Lewis has taught at both University of South Florida and Florida Gulf Coast University as an adjunct professor. He is a regular speaker at the Battelle Conferences, the Florida Remediation Conference, and the Theis Conference, which is an international invitation-only environmental conference. In addition, he co-invented a novel technique (Modified Active Gas Sampling) to assess volatile contaminants in soil, which is currently in use by the State of Florida for the Drycleaning Solvent Cleanup Program. He helped re-initiate the Contaminated Media Forum, and he aided in the development of numerous guidance documents through the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council.

Dr. Lewis earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from Centre College and a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering from Vanderbilt University (as part of a 3-2 Engineering Program). He earned a master’s degree and doctorate in environmental engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Florida and he is board-certified in hazardous waste engineering by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers. He is also the Chair of the STEM Team of SWFL, which seeks to connect students and teachers to STEM businesses through hands-on, real-world interactions (including the annual STEM Tour). He also serves as the STEM Liaison on the Board of the MIT Club of SWFL, STEM Liaison for the Calusa Chapter of the Florida Engineering Society, Vice Regional Chair on the MIT Educational Council, a member of the Executive Committee of the Foundation for Lee County Public Schools, a member of CASTLE (which is the STEM advisory committee for Collier County Public Schools), Advisory Committee member for the Whitaker College of Engineering at FGCU, and Advisory Committee member for the CEE Department at FGCU and the Advisory Board for the Whitaker College of Engineering. Previously, he chaired the Boards of the Chamber of SWFL, MIT Club of Tampa Bay, and Canterbury School.

Dr. Lewis has received the following awards related to STEM or Engineering Achievements: Florida Engineering Society Volunteer of the Year 2013, News-Press Trailblazer of the Year 2012, Chrysalis Award for Education 2011, ITRC Team of the Year Award 2011, FES Calusa Engineer of the Year 2010, FES Calusa Technology of the Year 2009, Environmental Business Journal – Business Achievement Award 2007 (MAGS), ITRC Industry Appreciation Award 2007, ITRC Industry Appreciation Award 2006, Horizon Council Industry Appreciation Award, 2006 (HSA, Fort Myers Office). Dr. Lewis was a member of TEC (now Vistage) for over five years. Most importantly, he has been married to his wife Karyn for 25 years, and he has a son and a daughter, both in college studying engineering.