As a business owner of three very profitable companies, Gary experienced the joys and frustrations of owning a business. Not knowing where to get the mentoring he needed, he enrolled in many classes, attended seminars. What he learned is that applicability and sustainability was lacking in this type of training. Owners, leaders, and managers would go back to the way they always did things after the excitement of the program wore off.

This interaction brought him in touch with community leaders. This lead to involvement and directorships in many community organizations including several Chambers of Commerce, Building Industry Associations and the March of Dimes among others. He also became Small Business Leader of the Year from the University of South Florida among other awards.

Although this interaction helped in the maturity of his businesses, he knew more was needed and started attending Dale Carnegie Courses and eventually became a 7-course instructor and consultant. This evolved to his current practice working with leaders of a variety businesses. He works with them to help transform the business through process development and people development and growth. He believes that it isn’t what you say or do, it’s about how you say and do it.

As a Certified Consultant of High Performing Cultures, Gary uses proven Fundamentals System™ to help companies create, drive, and maintain high-performance cultures to accomplish the above.

With a background as a 30-year training and development leader, Gary also earned his BA from Ohio Northern University, SPHR and CSP- SHRM Certifications. He has several insurance licenses and certifications. In his past life he earned a Certified Lighting Designer designation.