Tracy is a Software Applications Allrounder:

– Over fifteen years of leadership experience in software companies coupled with Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science from MIT (perfect GPA) and an MBA from Duke

– Co-founder/COO of a software services company which reached $22 M in 3 years

– Owned a successful custom web-application software company

– Played a key role in acquisition of 8 companies

– Successful leader of SAAS businesses

– Founder of dotLRN eLearning consortium

– Architect and evangelist of an open source development platform that achieved world-wide adoption. (OpenACS)

– Successful track record with partner relationships and open source communities

– Strong understanding of software from both a business and hands on perspective

Specialties: Leveraging technology for business results. Selling and managing software development projects. Training and managing mixed-discipline teams. Managing complexity. Outlining options and consequences.  Bridging communication between technical and business teams. Digging through to root causes.  Creating and executing operational plans. Sophisticated applications.