• Sorena Vargas

Welcome Back Reception

Fusion Pointe held a Welcome Back Reception in November to launch its 2017/2018 season and share exciting updates of very positive progress.

The new permanent office at the Naples Accelerator will enhance the efforts to advance the creation and growth of innovative companies in Southwest Florida.

Fusion Pointe will be working closely with the Adrenaline Fund, an early seed fund that focuses on the most promising pre-angel/pre-institutional funding startups from around the state that demonstrate considerable potential. The Adrenaline Fund will collaborate with Fusion Pointe in selecting and mentoring these start-ups. Adrenaline’s funding approach is a phased investment strategy that allows start-ups to receive funding subject to the achievement of mutually agreed to milestones.

The reception provided the opportunity to hear from some of the talented, high potential entrepreneurs in the current mentoring program.  Exciting plans were presented from start-ups that will soon join the Fusion Pointe Mentoring program.

Fusion Pointe’s mentoring program consists of a diverse group of entrepreneurs that represent growth businesses in such market segments as health care, IT, CRM, augmented reality, and consumer products.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the mentors and entrepreneurs that partner with Fusion Pointe.  With your help and participation Fusion Pointe will continue to advance Southwest Florida’s innovation economy.

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